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Super Quick Dryer

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 SINGNERGY SQ(Super-Quick Dry) system;


Wet organic waste has become a global emergency.
A whopping 1.3 billion tons of food waste, 0.9 billion tons of agricultural waste and 1.5 billion tons of animal waste are generated annually.
These wastes are typically disposed through landfills or incineration, causing sizable damage to the environment.
The answer to this problem is Up-cycling.
All wet organic waste contains 60-85% water.
When water in the waste is exposed to air and microorganisms, decomposition occurs releasing foul odours and greenhouse gases contributing to global warming.
To address the issue, Singnergy invented the Super-Quick drying technology comprising a heating drum and belts. Heat is generated directly on the belts while compressing wet waste in between, accelerating evaporation within the waste which sterilizes and vaporizes water rapidly within 12 minutes while retaining nutrition, aroma and heat value within the dried products.
First of its kind, our patented SQ dryer does not utilize any heating medium. It heats up instantly and does not require standby heat saving more than 35% energy
It’s the perfect solution to: Upcycle food and beverage production waste into high valued food premix for human consumption which is packed with nutrition and aroma.
Upcycles organic waste such as fish waste, plant waste, biofloc          into protein and nutrient-rich animal or aqua feeds. Transforms mixed waste such as food waste, agricultural waste, animal manure into biomass with high calorific value which is suitable for Waste-to-Green Energy applications.
Our unique technology:
Produces superior dried products free from pathogens and mycotoxins, Reclaims water and heat from vapours during the intense drying process, Reduces expensive disposal costs Reduces carbon footprint.
Singnergy - Your Wet Waste, Our Expertise
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