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  • World 1st, World Unique Green Advanced Technology
  • For Humanity, For Society, For Clean Environment...
  • No Competitor in the World

  • 10%wt (90%ds) Guarantee (for most WWTP sludge characteristics)

  • 0.25~45kWh/liter water removed (Lowest Energy Consumption)

  • 12~24months Recovery of Investment (Faster ROI)

  • World Lowest Operating Expenditure!

  • World Lowest Capital Expenditure!

Happy New Year 2024!!


We hope that you will prosper further through the sludge treatment business that will help humanity and the clean global environment with BLUEWIN, the sludge treatment Professional company.

Choose ELODE & NVD equipment for your sludge treatment process where there are no longer any competitors.


1st References:

ELODE reduces US-Henderson's belt-pressed sludge cake weight by 67%, drying the cake from 15%DS to 45%DS.

▶Throughput: 1.25ton/hr @15%ds Inlet

→ Outlet 417kg @45%ds (67% reduced)

▶Energy consumption: 180kWh

(Thus 833liter water removed by 180kWh = 0.22kWh/water removed)

World lowest energy consumption (OPEX, CAPEX)

(General Thermal Dryer needs 1kWh/water removed)

▶No dust. ▶No smell, ▶No Polymer, ▶No 2nd Pollution

▶Lose 67% in just 1min 30sec


2nd References:

ELODE+NVD reduces all kinds of Organic sludge cake weight by 83%, drying the cake from 15%DS to 90%DS.

▶Throughput: 1.25ton/hr @15%ds Inlet

→ Outlet 208kg @90%ds (83% reduced)

▶Energy consumption: 220kWh

(Thus 1,042liter water removed by 220kWh = 0.21kWh/water removed)

World lowest energy consumption (OPEX, CAPEX)

(General Thermal Dryer needs 1kWh/water removed)

▶No dust. ▶No smell, ▶No Polymer, ▶No 2nd Pollution

▶Lose 83% in just 1hr totally


English Subtitle:

Chinese Subtitle:


★Instead of NVD, other small dryers you can be installed downstream of ELODE accordingly.

-Hot air dryer

-Thermal Dryer

-Low temperature dryer

-Solar dryer

-Rotary kiln dryer

-Drum dryer

-Fluid bed dryer

-Film Dryer etc..

You can save a lot of OPEX, CAPEX and recovery all investment, Operating cost within 12~24months.

Thanks and with best regards,

Antonio KIM

ELODE-Electro Osmosis Dehydrator

ELODE, the world's first field-proven commercialized electro-osmosis dehydrator.

ELODE extracts both free and absorbed water from the sludge producing a final dehydrated product with a moisture content of less than 40~60% (i.e. greater than 40%~60 dry solids content). This ensures maximum dehydration performance with minimum environ- mental impact.


3,000 units References and 1,000 sites over well operating in the world for last 30 years.


   Low consumption energy, Low cost of spare parts, Long durability, High-Quality Guarantee, High dewatering ratio for all kinds of sludge by Royal-Decanter, Centrifuge, Separator...   


     Please Meet the "Royal-Decanter", "Royal-Beltpress" which operates at a very high dehydration rate, Low energy consumption and cheaper than you think.

High Efficiency Various Dewatering Machinery 
World Unique, Nano-Micro Bubble system

Realizing 20%ds+ dewatering & Compact Design

     The high pressure roller and dynamic structural design with 4stage, 6stage and 9stage double Beltpress and Screwpress, Vacuumpress, Filtepress, guarantees a dehydration rate of more than 2% higher than other mechanical machinery.

     We, Always best effort to finds the best condition according to the sludge characteristics and then provides the most efficient dewatering equipment.


We encourage you to work with a professional engineering manufacturer who can dramatically reduce the amount of money you're spending with affordable CAPEX and OPEX.

*40 times faster, 5 times less costs, Semi-Permanent..."RAPID Micro Bubble GJ-R system" for All kinds of Water, Wastewater, Sewage treatment & Algae wastewater Treatment etc.


This is a Portable "Nano.Micro-Bubble system" that can quickly treat contaminated water by sewage, waste water, green algae and red tide.


Water purification can be done in 15 minutes, and all of them have changed to first-class water in a month.

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