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Dewatering Beltpress

Ulanude-Russia WWTP

     AKI Beltpress is providing assembled with Pre-section+ 6~12 stage Roller Main Section+ After Section Component parts of Pre-Section, Drum Screen, Auto-Feeder, Belt Thickener + Dynamic Work Frame.

     Various kinds of S-Shape Roller Stages arrangement in Main Body + Ending composed of Add High Pressure Zone dewatering device gives High dewatering effects for all different types of wastewater sludge.

     Extract the free water contained in the liquid sludge, limited to  ~20%DS in sludge cake by:

  • The Special Flute Helical gives fast High drain & dewatering effect.

  • Filtrate flow through both Belts without Rewetting the Cake, Dynamic S-Shape roller arrangement gives High Effect dewatering.

  • Polyamide coated Roller gives high effect squeezing, Belts travel around rollers of smaller Diameter, The pressure increases gets more water squeezed out.

  • Satellite type High Pressure Zone applies for lower moisture content in Cake.

  • The Higher tension  created by tensioning a PE mesh belt hydraulically.

  • Less 80%wt guarantee in most kinds of Sludge.

  • No need cleaning work

  • Timer, Sensor operates by Full Automatic Washing System

  • Long Durability Nozzle Tip

  • High Pressure but Low water Consumption

  • Recycle Water reuse

Main Feature

Key Advantages

Self-Cleaning Nozzle System

AKI Beltpress
AKI Beltpress
Core part & Technology

You can visit and get all informations for more detail technology, operating method, feature, advantages, catalogues etc. from the 'Down-Load' room. Thanks.

Stainless Steel 304 Frame Sructure
Upper Roller Limit Switch
Helical special Roller & Lower Limit Switch

Dewatering Flow Sheet 

Dewatering Flow Sheet
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