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NEWS 2018

"VEOLIA WATER, the world's largest water-treatment turnkey multinational company, visited the headquarters for ELODE's operation site and company inspection."

2018. JAN

"ROYAL-DECANTER and ACHAU VT concluded an MOU to expand the Vietnamese market through CO-WORK, At the Water Forum held that organized by K-WATER and Vietnam Water Resources Corporation"

2018. MARCH

"ROYAL-DECANTER's staffs attended IFAT 2018 and exchanged opinions about Decanter's new technology and marketability with 200 customers and established a BLUEWIN's branch office in Belgium in order to provide quick business support for our European customers."

2018. JUNE

Between FINE INC. and WWA of USA have signed an Sole Agent agreement of  exclusive sales deal in the US market that yearly $5 million for the ELODE('lectro-Osmosis Dehydrator system) and purchased a DEMO device accordingly.

2018. JULY

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