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The Highest Efficiency

in Energy Consumption

HEBD (Low Temperature Belt Dryer)

2021 HEBD - The most efficient thermal dryer

■ Summary

HEBD is a Low Temperature Belt Dryer that can dewater the sludge from 20% to 90%DS typically. When it is combined ELODE (Electro-osmosis dewatering equipment), the most efficient sludge treatment can be realized.


The treatment is processed by temperature under 75ºC with outlet dried sludge temperature below 50ºC. As low temperature used, safety for explosion is guaranteed and no odor is emitted for Eco-friendly process in local society.


■ Main feature

• The most efficient sludge turnkey system in the world

   KOWATS(1st) - ELODE(2nd) - HEBD(3rd)

• Long term operation in high performance

• The low energy consumption by heat circulation system
Zero odor emission by closed type system

■ Flow Sheet


■ Performance


1. DEMO Equipment for discharging 90%DS

화성 봉담 슬러지 테스트 (9).jpg
화성 봉담 슬러지 테스트 (1).jpg
화성 봉담 슬러지 테스트 (3).jpg

- Discharged Sludge cake of 90%DS -

2. The operating HEBD in Incheon, KOREA 

   10m3/day ▶ Output cake: 90%DS

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