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■ Summary

Royal-Vacuum Belt Filter can dewater the sludge from desulfurization  Work-sites and various chemical processes. 

In operation, the slurry that has undergone sedimentation and sorting is supplied to the slurry feeder at the top of the vacuum belt filter, and is subsequently put into the filter cloth uniformly for the width of the vacuum by a sloping plate and a rubber curtain in the slurry feeder.

Under the filter cloth, there is a hole in which the excess fluid is discharged, and on the side there is a vacuum belt composed of a flow barrier (curb). The filtrate is discharged into the filtrate tank by this vacuum belt and a vacuum box.

Automation & Real-time Control is possible by the sensor and transmitter installation. Alignment & Washing Units are operated for Stabilization and High-Performance.

■ Main feature

Various sludge concentration can be easily treated by controlling Flow rate, Angle and

   Speed of Drum.

• The maintenance management cost is cheap by the low energy consumption.
• By Automatic operation, Convenient control is available.
• Odor and sludge flying phenomenon is low by its encapsulated type.
• It is applicable to the various process
(the sewage, effluent, night soil and etc.)

■ Application


• Chemicals, Bio-Processing

• Rubber and Plastics

• Waste Processes

• Pharmaceuticals, Petrochemical

• Metallurgy, Foodstuffs


■ Reference

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