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"35 years accumulated Know-How for Water  & Wastewater treatment technology"


Advanced New Technology ' MI-DAF, DOF, PO2: Nano-Micro Bubble' Technology-system for Water, Wastewater, Algae treatment with the shortest time, lowest cost, and highest efficiency.

Significantly reduce COD, BOD, TSS, TN, and TP in the shortest time within 30 minutes and zero E-COLI.

All integers at the cheapest CAPEX and OPEX costs in the world.


MI-DAF, DOF, PO2: Nano-Micro Bubble Technology can treat Water Purification, Wastewater treatment, Sewage treatment, livestock wastewater, industrial wastewater, and algae removal all at once.


Once installed, can use it permanently.


The cost of processing 1m3 is less $0.05.


Highest efficiency and maximum throughput with minimum power consumption.

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