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             ELODE(Electro Osmosis Dehydrator)


        for all kinds of Sludge Dewatering 



     ELODE(Electro Osmosis Dehydrator) combined with 1st Dewatering machine such as 'Decanter, Filter press, Beltpress, Screw press, Thickener and so on for new Plants, reduces the moisture level of the final sludge cake below 40wt%(60%ds) guaranteed that It reduces the amount of sludge cake generated to 50% of that generated by conventional dehydrators. 


     ELODE, the world's first, World unique field-proven commercialized electro-osmosis dehydrator which treats all types of wastewater including municipal sewage, paper-mill wastewater, food wastewater, livestock wastewater, wastewater from dyeing, wastewater from painting, chemical wastewater, etc. & simple system!!. Just simple attaching ELODE system to the back of your current 1st dewatering machine Beltpress, Filterpress, Decanter, Thickener etc).


     ELODE extracts both free and cell absorbed water from the sludge producing a final dehydrated product with a moisture content less than 30~60%wt (i.e. 40%~70%ds) at 0.25kW/liter electric consumption only (Dryer=0.9~1.2kW/liter).  ELODE(Electro-Osmosis Dehydrator) for remarkable sludge dewatering and remake renewable energy for all kinds of WWTP, WTP sludge process. Please see the movie how to work:




     Are you looking for a Best "DECANTER or DOUBLE BELTPRESS" machine for Sludge Dewatering..??  There are a lot of leading maker in the World While there are some high-quality and high-priced Decanter, Beltpress but some Decanters, Beltpress are inexpensive with not good dehydrated.

     3,000 units provided for last 30 years and 2,000 sites over well operating in the world. Low consumption energy, Low cost of spare parts, Long durability...

    Please Meet the "Royal-Decanter", "Royal-Beltpress" which operates at a very high dehydration rate, Low energy consumption and cheaper than you think.

     First, ask for a quote. " Seeing is Believe"

AKI Beltpress

Business Field

           ACE NANO Calcium, Organic or Inorganic Nano Powder producing 'as is'....


     ACE NANO-Calcium processed by a World 1st Nano Pulverization method (TOP-DOWN), which can produce down to 1nm~900nm for All kinds of Materials such as Organic, Inorganic, Mineral, Chemicals, Metal etc.. In average 30~900nm calcium particles size without changing the material properties 'as is' and have been Clinic Testing for many years to Old Osteoporosis Patients. As a result, Nano calcium brought wonderful consequence that cures all osteoporosis patients. Bone disease has caused not only millions of people in pain, but also billions of dollars to fight it. Calcium, among other drugs, supplements, therapy, exercises, is the most important ingredient to cure and prevent bone disease. Ace Nano-pulverization technology produces 30-600 nm size's calcium particles for better utilize in applications of calcium usage in fighting bone disease. Ace Nano-Calcium processed by the 30-nano Pulverization have been tested by RAT-Testing & CLINIC-Testing and 100% recovery all and proven its effectiveness by several universities & General Hospital in Korea. 

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