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Company profile

Water Shrine Landscape


September, 15, 1989 we established

With Board of members;

Chairman of FINE INC. Mr. Sangjun LEE,

Chairman of ROYAL PRECISION Mr. Jaeduck PARK,

CEO of BLUEWIN Co., Ltd. Mr. Antonio KIM


Basic Profile

  • The sludge treatment business is called the 3D (Difficult, Dirty, Dangerous) industry. However, Bluewin 'Takes pride in helping humanity, society, and the clean global environment' through its sludge treatment business.
  • Bluewin exports $65 million annually, and Bluewin's equipment is operated in 63 countries around the world.
  • Among the total 180 employees, 45 professional engineers (4 Master Engineers, 26 Special Engineers, 15 Professional Engineers) are veterans with more than 20 years of experience.
  • We have a 24-hour after sales service system, so we can respond quickly as soon as we receive an inquiry.
  • By consistently investing more than 5% of total sales in R&D, we are leading the way with more efficient functions and advanced technology.
  • We provide optimal solutions based on our abundant field experience...Please do Experience it for yourself.
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