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Who we are? What we are doing? 


 BLUEWIN Co., Ltd is

a family manufacturing Group;

A young and dynamic total consulting venture company

founded as a slogan

for Society,

for Humanity, and

for Clean Earth Environment.

     With over 35 years of experience in over 60 countries oversea business and know-how of customers' network and field experience, we have been able to deliver timely delivery of optimal products at optimal prices to meet the needs of customers from local market to the World.

    The first source of human life

from Water & Wastewater business fields that;

World Unique, World first developed MI-DAF, DOF, PO2 Nano-Bubble system for water & wastewater treatment, includes of Algae removal and all kinds of industrial wastewater treatment,


Sludge Dewatering, Reduction business fields that;

Electro Osmosis Dehydrator(ELODE) for remarkable 2nd stage Sludge Dewatering system and Renewable sludge Environment Friendly Energy, and also, Mechanical High Efficiency Dewatering machinery as;  Centrifuge, Decanter, Separator, Screwpress, Filterpress, Vacuumpress, Double belt press, Thickener for 1st stage sludge dewatering, 

and also,

     We are very specialized in various kinds of advanced utilities & Devices as;

Submersible Mixer, Submersible Aerator for high significantly amount of oxygen saturation & High efficiency of its circulation convection with lower energy consumption compared with the other models.

We also, have world's first Organic Inorganic Materials 3D' Top-Down Nano Powder Manufacturing system(Nanopomas) and supply of Various kinds of Natural Nano Powder such as ; Nano Calcium, Nano Chitosan, Nano Chaga, Nano Rice, Nano greentea, etc which ensure absorption of 99.99% of all natural materials are a remarkable achievement Products and have been highly satisfied with our customers for a long term.

    We will try our best efforts to make customers come first and hope to be able to continue our good relationship with BlueWin for a long time.



Thank you


Antonio KIM/CEO & BLUEWIN all staffs


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